Classical Funeral Music

Classical music can be used in any funeral setting. Some pieces have their own text and connotation, and others are just lovely musical expressions without any specific message. Below is a short list of some of the classical pieces that
may be used at funerals. Click on the title to play the selection.

Winter (Vivaldi; violin and harp)
"Raindrop Prelude" (Chopin; harp)
Adagio (Mozart; flute and harp)
Pavane (Faure; horn and harp)
Ave Maria (Bach:Gounod; violin and harp)
Gymnopedie (Satie; horn and harp)
Arioso (Bach; flute and harp)
The Swan (Saint-Saens; cello and harp)
Laudate Dominum (Mozart; violin and harp)
Meditation (Massenet; violin and Harp)
Meditation (Massenet; harp)
Air on the G String (Bach; harp)