Contemporary Funeral Music

Contemporary songs are becoming more and more accepted at funerals. Many churches ask for approval of non-hymn tunes for services, but once that is given most any song is possible on the harp. A complete list of contemporary songs for funerals would be enough to take up all of a website. I have recorded just a few examples, but any song that was special to the deceased or their family would be appropriate.

Carrickfergus (flute and harp)
Cavatina (Myers; harp)
Fields of Gold (viola, cello, and harp)
In My Life (Lennon:McCartney; harp)
Into the West (violin and harp)
Time to Say Goodbye (harp)
Watermark (Enya; harp)
My Funny Valentine (Rodgers and Hart; violin and harp)
Wind Beneath My Wings (flute and harp)
Somewhere in Time (Barry; violin and harp)